Your face matters a lot; it’s defines you, and creates your identity. Hence, choose the right hospital or medical centre for your facelift process.

Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

Hotaki London is a well-known, London-based non surgical facelift facility, run by Dr. Hotaki a well-known and trusted name in the field.

Dr Hotaki will insert different kinds of thread cog threads & mono threads into the different problem areas of your face, to tighten, lift and refresh the affected skin areas, to check and remove the various age and skin-related issues that could be affecting your face.

Since the results of the non surgical facelift procedure, carried out at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, is similar to and in some cases even better than the surgical alternatives, and very little recovery time is needed, a large number of people select it, i.e., Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, to regain their lose beauty and halt the aging process.

Exclusive in his approach to treatment and the originator of several ground-breaking methods, Dr Hotaki is indeed special.

Right from early consultation and evaluation, to treatment and follow-up appointments, Dr Hotaki will be with you, through each and every important stage of your non surgical facelift voyage.

Register for your all-inclusive, hour-long consultation at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology in London today!

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Dr Nur Hotaki

Types of Facelift Treatments

Types of Non Surgical Facelift

Different kinds of non-surgical and non-invasive techniques are available.

  • Dermal Fillers
  • Botox
  • Laser Treatments
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Thread Lift

these are just some such options.

Against this backdrop, you can get tailor–made services to meet your specific requirements, including corrections/improvements for fine lines, thinning lips, deep creases, and facial volume loss, etc.

Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

Non Surgical Facelift

As you grow older, you start looking less appealing, physically; and your skin at several key areas of your body, particularly your face becomes somewhat loose and floppy.

Much alarmed, in such situations, you try your best to check this natural but adverse certainty.

For this, you choose different surgical treatments the processes plagued with all sorts of risks, for which you have to not only spend much, but also wait patiently for a longer period to recover.

Thread Lift

Out of the different non-surgical facial lift treatments mentioned above, Thread Lift, perhaps, is the best and the most effective option.
To perform this process, the doctor treating you, won’t remove any loose skin from your face, unlike in a surgical process.
To make the skin lift natural; skilled doctors will insert incredibly fine, absorbable threads in those particular areas of your face that require any correction and/or improvement. These threads will lift your skin, and also activate your body’s natural healing procedure, via stimulating collagen and making them to rush to the treated regions.
The entire process will make you look younger with a well tightened face.

Non-Surgical Facial Lift


Simple! Collagen plays a vital role. It supports growth factors that influence your skin’s condition considerably.

How they do that?

These threads as mentioned earlier stimulate your body’s production of collagen. The result: your skin becomes fresher, more youthful.

Significantly, these sutures are biodegradable. So, no need to remove them!

They are so effective that they will continue to impact your skin even after they have got dissolved.

Interestingly, if you get this special treatment in combination with other nonsurgical treatments you will get superior nonsurgical facelift results.

Treatment Gallery

From consultation, through to treatment and aftercare,
Dr Hotaki offers a bespoke and custom-tailored treatment journey for every patient

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Patient Journey

journey at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology

Created and implemented by Dr Hotaki, we believe that the bespoke patient journey at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology is unrivalled and second to none. The process is as follows:


After your initial patient enquiry, you will be booked in for your first consultation with Dr Hotaki at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, situated on Devonshire Place, London. Unlike many other clinics, this consultation process is extremely comprehensive, lasting up to and above 60 minutes. During this time, Dr Hotaki will assess the condition or conditions that you desire treatment for.


Depending on the type of procedure required, Dr Hotaki may be able to offer you treatment on the same day as your initial consultation. This is, of course, only if the type of treatment is safe to perform on the same day, and if this is not possible, then your first treatment will be arranged and scheduled at a convenient time for you. At Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, every single treatment will be performed by Dr Hotaki himself, without exceptions.

Post Treatment and After Care

The aftercare process for your individual treatment will have been discussed in depth during your initial consultation with Dr Hotaki, and immediately post-treatment you will be presented with some detailed aftercare documents for your reference. You will also be supplied with Dr Hotaki’s personal mobile phone number, so that he can answer any questions, queries or concerns that you may have as quickly as possible.

Follow Up

Dr Hotaki will schedule your follow up appointment immediately after the treatment itself. This follow up appointment will also be with Dr Hotaki, in which he will review and adjust the results from your treatment if required.

Customer Reviews

Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology London

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